Horticulturist Diploma

Horticulturist DiplomaThe Horticulturist Diploma will enhance your knowledge and skills relating to residential gardens, urban spaces and small public recreational areas. This program offers a high standard of horticultural understanding and insight encouraging you to locate, analyze and put into practice sound horticultural knowledge.

The Horticulturist Diploma is designed for landscape company employees, parks and recreation staff, institutional grounds staff, naturalists, urban gardeners, and environmental advocates.

Benefits for students:

  • Earn important diploma credentials to help you promote your business 
  • Implement best practices so you can better care for your home landscape 
  • Make the best decisions regarding plant material selection so you can properly care for the residential landscape
  • Learn how to identify and choose plant materials that will have a desired impact on the landscape
  • Understand how to use sustainable practices for the management of landscapes 

Horticulturist Diploma

Horticulturist Courses

Certificate Courses

 The Horticulturist Certificate is the foundation for the diploma program. Students who wish to complete a diploma must complete all seven Certificate courses in addition to the three diploma courses. To receive a diploma all ten courses must be completed. 

Diploma Courses

Theory and Principles of Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Horticulture

Advanced Plant Identification Techniques

Treating Pests and Disease in Horticulture Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM)