Sustainable Urban Horticulture Certificate

Urban Sustainable HorticultureFocusing on the environmental, social and economic implications of horticulture in our cities examine land management practices and best plant selection. Discuss current and future urban landscape designs trends.

Sustainable Urban Horticulture includes:

  • Social sustainability - maximize the personal connection to nature and the enjoyment of gardens and plants
  • Ecological sustainability and stewardship – minimize the ecological footprint of the garden and maximize the relevance of gardens and green spaces to promote natural biodiversity
  • Micro-economic sustainability - add to aesthetic and property values through innovative landscape design.

Designed for: Urban gardeners, landscape designers and builders, naturalists, environmental advocates, municipal planners, public gardens staff, conservationists, nurseries and growers and Business Improvement Area (BIA) members

Certificate Courses and Offering Schedule

Courses can be taken individually or as part of the Certificate program.

Core Courses

 Course Title Tentatively Scheduled for...
Theory and Principles of Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Horticulture  F17
Fundamentals of the Role of Plants in Urban Sustainability  W18
Naturalizing and Restoring Urban Gardens F17
Business Management Principles W18


Elective Courses (Choose One)

 Course Title Tentatively Scheduled for...
Ecology of Gardens and Landscapes in an Urban Environment W18
Introduction to Plant Identification Every Semester
Agricultural Plant Selection for Urban Gardeners F17

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Certificate Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the requirements within this Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Make effective use of practical and applied design strategies to determine and offer meaningful solutions to sustainable urban design problems
  • Identify and recall plant materials that will have a desired impact on sustainable urban landscapes
  • Formulate creative new strategies that will effectively develop and manage sustainable urban landscapes
  • Develop a business plan with the financial knowledge and skills to launch and maintain a landscape business