Sustainable Landscape Certificate

Sustainable LandscapeRespect and care for the natural environment is at the forefront of this new certificate. Learn about innovative strategies which help to fortify the relationships between water and land, ensuring care of both environments. Discover design tactics to retain or enhance naturalized landscapes. Enhance your knowledge about tree health as it relates to both the individual plant and woodland communities.


Certificate Courses

Courses can be taken individually or as part of the Certificate program. 

 Course Title  Tentatively Scheduled for...
 Alternative Land Use Practices for Sustainable Landscapes   W18
 The Naturalized Landscape   F18
 An Introduction to Woodland Ecology   F17
 Arboriculture   S17
 Introduction to Plant Identification   Every Semester

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing all required courses in the Sustainable Landscapes Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Identify and choose plant materials that will have a desired impact on naturalized landscapes
  • Make effective use of practical and applied design strategies to determine meaningful solutions to landscape design problems pertinent to naturalized environments
  • Identify and recall components of an environmentally and ecologically sound landscape system
  • Formulate creative new strategies that will effectively develop and manage sustainable landscapes