The Horticulturist Certificate

HorticulturalistThis certificate is designed especially for gardeners wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills relating to the residential garden environment. The impact of soil conditions are a critical aspect of this study program. Basic horticulture and botany are discussed as are principles of plant care to ensure optimum plant health. Learn about common plant pests, diseases and weeds, and effective management options. Begin to create beautiful and hardy landscapes through innovative residential garden design tactics and strategies.

Certificate Courses 

Courses can be taken individually or as part of the Certificate program.

   Tentatively Scheduled for...
 Cultural Practices for Plants   F17, W18, F18
 Introduction to Plant Identification  Every semester
 Designing the Landscape  Every fall semester
 Ornamental Plant Protection  S17, W18, S18
 Introduction to Soils and Plant Growth  W18, S18, W19
 Weed Management in Horticulture  F17, W18, W19
 Growing Plants  F17, W18, F18


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Certificate Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing all required courses within this Certificate, students will be able to:  

  • Define and apply best practices of horticultural science of landscape management within residential and commercial environments
  • Determine and analyze relevant and pertinent information from a variety of academic and industry resources with the intention of applying this information to the care of landscapes
  • Provide advice and guidance regarding horticultural practices to clients and/or horticultural professionals to ensure desired horticultural outcomes are met
  • Analyze and critique landscapes to provide best management practices